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The love of my life,Dear one, am writing this to inform you I won't be coming home tonight. I wish reading this sends you...

Myra Ondiso
. 4 min read

TBT: Childhood Love.

All I have to do to cheer myself up is to go down the memory lane to remember my childhood sweetheart. No joy can replace that memory....

Haggai Kiprop
. 3 min read


Sometimes I see you, sometimes I think I’ve seen youSometimes I feel you embrace me tightlyThose times I smile, I laughMost times reality checks inWiping off the last curve of the smileMy heart breaks and my eyes get wet....

Myra Ondiso
. 1 min read

Haggens - The Intern.

Some moments blew me out of my comfort zone, relentless in pursuit of success. I’m grateful for the chance to fail because in that there’s growth-Haggai....

Haggai Kiprop
. 2 min read

Words Are Certainly Not Enough.

But the out of count hard times are not without merry moments. Every time I travel home, we must discourse, heatedly, on literature. It is in such moments that I am most alive. Talking with her. Watching laughter dance in her eyes....

Dismas Okombo
. 3 min read