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Haggai Kiprop
Interested in international and public affairs, especially global environmental politics, climate change, human rights, peace and conflict resolution. Get in touch:+254716494214. japhreys@gmail.com

Women and Leadership.

All things are difficult before they are easy. It’s difficult how to conquer the male dominated world but soon, it will be easy for women leaders to be trusted....

Haggai Kiprop
. 5 min read

TBT: Childhood Love.

All I have to do to cheer myself up is to go down the memory lane to remember my childhood sweetheart. No joy can replace that memory....

Haggai Kiprop
. 3 min read

Haggens - The Intern.

Some moments blew me out of my comfort zone, relentless in pursuit of success. I’m grateful for the chance to fail because in that there’s growth-Haggai....

Haggai Kiprop
. 2 min read