Bedsitter is my current humble abode. From the door, on the left is the bathroom. On the right, is the kitchen counter. Soaked sufuri containing dirty utensils is in the sink, at the upper corner of the counter. Adjacent to the bathroom sink, is my six by three wooden bed. The bed is neatly made except for the hoodie and the soaks I have carelessly thrown at the lower edge. I have never really managed to stick to a fixed bedtime schedule. Perhaps because I would rather sleep at 4 am than set an early morning alarm. It is around midnight, time to go to bed.

The bed covers must be clean and taut. Any other color is fine, just not white. The duvet must smell clean, that is the important factor. I will stack the two pillows at the corner, far away from where my head will rest. They are for making my back comfortable the nights I read in bed, or the nights the cold is unbearable and she didn’t persistently insist on going back to her place. I never really give much thought to what I put on to bed. But now that I think of it, there are only two determinants at play.

Foremost, the material of what I am putting on just minutes before I jump in; in most cases it is just the boxer. Regardless of the weather, I will never sleep in a hoodie, a sweater or anything heavier than a vest. Most nights I will hop in bare-chest, and if am freezing then I will simply add another duvet. The feeling of lax bare muscles resting on the clean and rosy bed covers is soothing. Jeans are a big NO. That extents to any material of trousers. If it were not for the need to restrain the horse from aimless wondering, I would have kicked the boxer off long time.

The activities of the day play a huge role in what to wear to bed. On the days when commitments have sapped all my energy and I lack even the strength to switch on the lights when I return to my adobe, I collapse in bed and forget myself. On those nights, I will wake up at around 2 am to shower and then go back to sleep, no clothing. On the days when I was involved in balanced interesting activities, I love to sleep with my shorts on. With a book in my hands. On the days I was carefree, naturally I would extend the carefree nature to bed.

Yes, pajamas are not my thing.


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