When this year began, I made a commitment with myself to start putting into practice the things I have for a long time consoled myself that I am good at. I promised my weak, lazy self that in this ride this time around, we are to stick it out no matter the circumstances. And up to date we are still holding on. Yes, I know it is barely three months since the beginning of the year. But considering my previous commitment records with new year’s resolutions, this far I am still excited. At number ten, in the list of things I want to do before I die, is to travel the world.

Perhaps my youthful spirit is over zealous as to desire to travel to anywhere and everywhere. Perhaps my sly heart is silly to wish that before its last beat, I shall have beheld the majesty of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Before my last breath, my eyes shall have marveled at the splendor of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt. One day I must stroll through the hanging gardens of Babylon, one day I must get lost in the labyrinth of Jerusalem streets. Then head to Mongolia, to hunt rabbits with trained eagles. Or maybe simply watch how the Mongolians tame the wild horses for milk. People are beautiful, cultures are exciting. I hope I get to experience it all. Espero poder hablar español con fluidez.

Should the unforeseen forge the odds against me, that my desire to travel the world remains just a mere dream. I will stand up to fate and offer up all my fortune, for one chance to tour Athens of Greece. Athens, Greece; the birthplace of modern civilization and democracy. Of all the places I long to tour, Athens has always been my number one pick. I promise myself that one day I must stand on top of Mount Lycabettus, the highest point in Athens, and experience the awe of the ancient world meeting the modern ways. Form the peek, bellow me, I will admire the greatest magnificent architectural designs the world has ever seen. The buildings that have towered civilizations upon civilization.

Should fate deal with me unkindly, that my aspirations to travel the world turn a bitter scar in my heart. I will risk all the grace life as shown, for just one chance to walk the paths of Lyceums where Plato philosophized and instructed his students. For one chance to stand in awe in front of Temple of Olympian Zeus. For one chance to marvel at the grace and magnificence of Parthenon; the temple dedicated to Athena, god of War and wisdom. For one chance, I will stand up to fate and create my destiny. Not Paris of France, not Rome of Italy. It’s   Athens of Greece, if I had only one ticket to travel to one place.