I don’t intend to sound mysterious. Because I am not. Although most of my relatively old acquaintances constantly make me feel like a distant shadowy guy whenever they drop lines like, ‘Oh, I never knew you enjoy that!’, on me. Well, it is a fact that I shy from talking about myself most of the time. And so, today I will brush over some surface stuffs about me I am pretty sure you have figured all wrong. Just the surface little fun mannerisms, not the deep stuff. Those I haven’t really figured yet.

In my life I have danced with one lady. The grace in dance movements, every inch of the body vibrating at the rhythm of the music, and passion fused sweat soaking the clothes. I love dance. I love music. Although my dance moves are limited and most times my reflection on the mirror is my audience, I am still a dancer, right? Several instances I have desired to enroll for a dance class, but life keeps getting in the way of my dream to be a professional dancer. For the moment, I will keep dancing in my heart. But very soon, I’ll surprise you with Salsa moves.

When I was young, I swore to myself that I will never smoke, of any kind. I have stayed true to my promise. The cigarettes’ smoke is nauseating, as I assume it is for everyone. No? Okay, I have anything against your preference. Only that whenever you desire to light up, tell me ten minutes prior so that I can get away as far as possible. My chastity in respect to smoking has been severely tested once. In my first year of studies, my roommate decided to organize a surprise party in the room. And so, the moment I opened the door, I walked right into blueberry flavored shisha smoke. That one was a pickle.

Of all the gadgets the human civilization currently offers, I am addicted to my laptop the most. Jenny, here is where you’ve got it sweetly wrong. It is never the phone that you constantly complain of. It is my laptop that gives me the platform to express myself through writing stories and programming and YouTube and a bunch other stuff that glue me to the monitor till 2 am. Every maintenance, I perform by myself. It is always on the latest stable updates, perfectly organized to my personal preference. And no third party can touch it in my absence.

I have never fancied owning a car. But motorcycle, oh my! Ninja Kawasaki, Let the good times roll. The loud rumbling of the exhaust, the breeze caressing my face and the winds gushing under my arms. I yearn the freedom and the wildness of motorcycles. My most romantic date fantasy involves Ninja Kawasaki on an open road. Whenever it so happens that this preference slips in a conversation, most of my buddies will give me black stares, as if asking why I am focused if motorcycle is all I want from life. It is a good thing I have never mentioned to them that I desire a simple life, at a quite countryside house.

You think I am less of a mystery now, aren’t you? Wrong, I love holding my cards close to my chest. Introversion is my dominant personality, although most of my friends will never believe me when I explain that I canceled on them because I was in the house throughout the weekend. And this last one is very important, I love to watch football at the Kasarani stadium. Putting aside ninety minutes to watch football on television is never my thing. Your presumption is right, I support all football teams.