Out in the expanse of the cosmos, there truly exist a parallel universe. The parallel universe has a solar system with a habitable zone and there is a planet with the right conditions to support life, like our own Earth. What if this theory is true? If just our own galaxy is this vast for use to comprehend, then surely, dismissing the possibility of another life out there in the cosmos, in the everything of everything, is simply being unreasonable.

The Mars Rover, a robot sent by NASA on a curiosity mission on the Martian surface has sent photographs depicting possible mud cracks on the rocks. This opens up the possibility of the existence of water on the Mars surface. Where there is water, there is life. Thus, the possibility of another Earth out there is not absurd after all, isn’t it? What if in that parallel universe, there is a replica of you? With the same mannerism, with the same features. What if aliens are real?

No product of human imagination is too ridiculous to manifest itself as a reality. DaVinci sketched the conceptual helicopter several years before the beginning of human civilization. Now, in the history books man has walked on the moon. Why are we hesitant to accept that somewhere in the universe, the aliens that have lately characterized all our screens exists? Perhaps, they too are wondering whether they are the only inhabitant of the universe.

Everything in the universe is connected. I am always wondering whether the craze about aliens and the possibility of other life forms is a coincidence of human imagination. Especially at this point in time when our actions endanger our very existence on this plant. The United Nations have given a twelve-year span to turn things around in regard to climate change, beyond which humanity will be far from salvation.

With world politics still competitive and sharply bitter, the efficient solutions that demands communal efforts dangles in front of us, but out of reach. And so, the adventurous are in search for alternatives in the galaxy. Those who believe in pushing the human frontier forward are exploring the cosmos. Perhaps, the aliens too are probing the galaxy out of curiosity, or necessity. Like us, perhaps they too are looking for an escape route. What if one day they invade our planet?