At the most unexpected stages of my life I have meet and interacted with people who, knowingly or unknowingly, have changed the course of my life to the better. Some of them their presence in my life, years from today, is assured. Others are like travelers through the desert; with time, the dust storm will erase their footprints, the winds will carry away their scents. Their memories will become distant.

Today, with six days to the end of my thirty-day challenge, in humility I want to recognize five amazing friends who have selflessly shown their support towards my writing. Perhaps in the coming days our paths will diverge, as is the everyday reality. However, it is not the intent of my heart to let the unfolding of life direct our friendship. But in the unfortunate circumstance that we couldn’t stick it out, this post will forever serve as the evidence of your kindness to me.


You have been around relatively the longest. And the first person to call me a writer. From academic rivalry to best friend, confidant and comforter. You corrected my grammar in high school’s love letters. You believed in my poems when the only purpose I had with creativity was to woe girls. Up to this very moment, you’re still here with me. In my life I have met and parted ways with gentlemen, but you are the constant; most excellent brother.


Of course, ours is a forever thing. At the mention of your name three things automatically pops in my mind; motorcycles, books and wild spirit. You have been a role model in most spheres of life and my most faithful reader. From the moment we meet, there is not a single work of mine you have not read. And you always give your honest feedback. One of the books that changed my life, The Four Agreements, was from you. I hold you in the highest of regards.


Senorita, so far so good we are still going strong. In your emotive poems I find myself. In the magnificence of your writings I am reminded what beauty ought to be like. Your company is blissfully spontaneous and artful. You set my heart on adventures; a simple walk from National Museums to CBD is bound to be eventful and memorable. You just know what to say. Today, and in every day, you are my partner in words. Siempre y para siempre.


It is official, every writer should have a friend like you. In the days when I have the lowest motivation to write, I simply read your comments on the previous stories. Your feedbacks are the most interesting, creative and inspiring, except the one on the aliens. That one was dreadful! I am grateful our paths crossed. Now I can learn how to be compassionate, carefree and fun. Your heart is kind. You owe me a dance.


We have a long way to go. I don’t know what the remaining months of the year have in store for me, but this far my 2019 best gift was from you. The challenge to write stories again. Thank you Twin, for passing to me the thirty-days writing challenge. The honesty is too much to bare sometimes, but in the previous month you took the challenge gracefully. I have copied several notes from you. You are a trailblazer. You’re an eloquent writer. And every inch a reflection of me, but we both know that our hearts are silly. Elegance is now obsolete.

To the one who reminded me of beauty, when doubt and prejudice darkened my mind. To you who lent me your candle when mine was dim and threatening to go out. To the one who stayed awhile with me, when the dark of the night was daunting. You are the rarest of souls. My heart is grateful of your kindness.