I have a slyly adventurous heart. I have a heart that beats with the rhythm of the moment. And I have learned to cherish the eternity in the seemingly insignificant moments of everyday life. I will straightforwardly charm you with a smile and complement your curvy legs in the most poetic lines. But beyond that, I don’t easily promise. And so, if you’re of carefree spirit then read on.

If you’re the lady whose heart yearns for the thrill that exists between sanity and madness, Mr. Cupid’s arrow has found us. If you’re the type who knows the excitement of being on the verge of losing everything while in the process of creating a masterpiece, today is our lucky day. My heart is a piece of flesh primarily for pumping blood, but match the profile bellow and it will be crazy about you.

Be Yourself.

With an exception of books, hand written letters and poems and everything art, presents hardly work on me. I appreciate a well thought of gifts, perhaps a song or coffee mug. With these, you will have a special place in my heart, but not win it. The guaranteed way to seduce my soul is to be yourself. There is nothing sexier for me than a lady who is an open-minded conversationalist and unapologetically herself.


Considering that I find intellectual connection more sensual than the physical connection, darling, that spark of madness in your eyes will be my weakness. In our still snuggly evening conversation, when darkness is fast approaching, the room is semi dark and your head is resting on my chest, I am sure I will be addicted to the enthusiasm in your leisurely smooth voice as you talk about the things that set your heart on fire. Love, those things don’t have to be similar with mine. I will still listen, squeezing your hands.

Books & Music.

Finally, and without compromise, darling, we must be avid readers. On any topics, form any genre. If you understand the critical role reading plays in one’s development, then definitely you stand a chance. And now, the above factors we can gladly ignore. I know there will come days when the odds will be against us, on those days we will hold each other, our favorite playlist on the background. You see why music is important?

There is nothing much you can do to me to win my heart. You just have to be your authentic self. Darling, don’t change for me. The basics like decent dressing, elegant style and well-maintained pedicure and manicure are necessary, but not important. If today the list has left you out and you’re convinced we can be cute together, don’t lose the hope. We can be great friends, for I value friendship above romance.