Part One.

Without any warning, the dark heavy clouds chocked the warm evening sun. Terrifying darkness engulfed the streets and people darted to the safety of either their homes or shops. When cold heavy drops of rain began thudding the roofs and everything around, I found myself all alone on the seemingly never-ending road. Scared, I wandered about seeking refuge but every door was closed, and seemed haunted.

In my mind, the only safe place was my apartment. I had to reach for it. I started jogging towards its direction. The storm was now rougher, the winds whistled fiercely. Thunder roared, and three consecutive lightening flash teared through the sky. Dread gripped my heart, adrenaline voraciously coursed through my veins and powered my muscles to flight. In a moment of lunacy, I ran as if I was running from the devil himself.

All other thoughts, except of staying alive, deserted me. The storm was becoming powerfully dangerous, almost a tornado. I swiveled my head around, I had not moved an inch. I strove with all my might to attain the top agility, but I never moved. Irritation gathered in my heart, mixed with fear and anxiousness, and I became helpless. Suspended in the nightmare, waiting for the lighting to strike. Suddenly, I was at my door fumbling with the lock.

I had a heavy bunch of keys in my trembling hands. Soil particles splashed by the raindrops itched my legs. My clothes were dripping, the inside of my shoes was uncomfortably wet and goosebumps covered every inch of my skin. No key could fit. The thunder angrily rumbled. Blinding flash followed. I ducked down, perhaps a second late. In an instant, I felt electric charge surge through my whole body. My thudding heart slowed and my tongue stiffened.

My vision blurred. Blackout.