If I don’t write this letter today, this very moment, then my affection for you will overwhelm my already restless soul. Consequently, at 2 am the possibility of us will ache my heart and I won’t be strong enough to resist the insistent urge to blurt out all my feelings in a long text. With you, I am cautious not to make the mistake of hastening the brewing process of our epic romance. And so, at this instance when my everything is burning with the desire for you and I am on the verge of giving in, I will play it safe by writing this letter. I trust I won’t get too excited to the extent of giving obvious clues. Not yet.

Let us take our time. Least we miss a step on the dance floor when your favorite acoustic song is playing. Let us take our time. Least we miss out on the thrill of anticipation. Let’s linger here a little longer, here where ‘no’ and ‘yes’ meet. And experience the exhilaration of toeing the line between two opposites. The adrenaline-rush, ecstatic hearts, eager souls. Let us experience it all, the very core of humanity that the weak shy. Let us feel the very being of our lives, dip our hearts into madness and create masterpieces. One moment at a time, darling. One step at a moment, love. Our romance is arched in the cosmos, our paths are meant to cross. Tomorrow is not promised, but in this and every moment, my heart skips a beat at the thought of you.

I know him. The guy your heart is promised to in the moment. He is a gentleman, that much I can’t deny. I know he treats you right. I know his intentions are pure. If only he could understand the madness in your heart. You have tried to explain, and now you don’t care whether he understands why you curl up in bed, shut the world out and stay indoors for two days straight after finishing the emotional roller-coaster book. ‘Those where just characters, honey.’ He tries to console you, but in that text, you see how far apart your universe is from his. If only he could be able to meet the spark in your eyes with a smile. But when he stares into your eyes, he sees a storm and he is terrified. If only he could understand the fire, the passion of your soul.

Bear with my anonymity. The gold in my heart is still larger than stone. Next time I will compose to you a poem, and I promise not to back-space as much as I have today. I know you will say no, and even ridicule my whole being. I will try again, and a gain. This romance won’t pass us by. The day is coming when we will have indoor dates; I will hold you closer to my chest as we read poems to each other. We will enjoy the stillness of the night, thigh to thigh. Hold each other in the dark, your deep spontaneous laugh blending with the playlist at the background. The day is coming when my lips will be upon yours. Darling, pause, and listen to your heart. In my arms is where you belong.

In the numerous poems you have composed and in the countless stories I have written, we have met several times.

“I hope we meet halfway on this murky road;

That somewhere amidst the chaos and jam,

We will catch a glimpse of each other’s face.”


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