I have this friend of mine based in Birmingham UK, who creates video content, and he’s been enjoying that for quite a while now, it's been almost 3 years. But then, lately, he kind of reached a point where he's been struggling with this and somehow just stopped for a while. He had this feeling that the content creation process was, in a way, putting so much pressure on his schedule and he felt that the whole idea of creating content on YouTube was kind of consuming him and he was losing track of his normal life and every-time that he was gonna do anything, it was always with the focus of, "how is this going to contribute to my video creation process?". And this led to the feeling that he wasn't living his life and in a way it felt like his life was 100% influenced by the content creation.

So the question is, do we get consumed by the content creation process, or do we get consumed by the creative things we do in our lives? I mean that’s what I have been wondering about for a while now. And I must say that this is something that I have personally experienced, especially when I first started building things on the web.

The Realization

If I were to tell you right now that, or per se, you were to have an idea that you want to start creating new forms of media content, say blogging, vlogging or even podcasting, it would be so exciting at first, then you’d come to the point of realization, where you notice that you have to continue creating these contents, and create some sort of a relationship with your content consumers thus you have to continue the process, you’d get the feeling of the process starting to consume you up.

If you think of this, in the field of entrepreneurship, and say you come up with an idea of starting a business around a problem you have noticed and have a solution, and actually start the implementation process, it would reach a point where that would be the only thing you’ll be thinking about, thus the zombie feeling, where you get the feeling that the process starts eating you up, the pressure, the need to seem successful, the feeling to prove that you can actually come up with legit ideas and the feeling to please your family.

The Break-off

So, at what point, do you draw the strict line, y’know, where you say that you gonna have control on everything and set a strict divide between the creation process, business practice and your normal life. Where you set an alarm and state that, when the clock clicks at this hour, I am gonna stop and do something totally different. Believe me, the switch isn’t easy.

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They say home, is where the heart is, but my heart is wild and free. So am I homeless, or just heartless, did I start this, or did it start me?

My daily work routine basically runs between 9am to 6pm, I work mostly remotely, so I am always by myself, where it’s me, my computer, the whiteboard, the coffee machine, and it’s kind of me, me, me situation. If you look deep down, like really really deep down, I spend more hours working, ’cause even when I stop working, say 6pm, or I stop building whatever I was creating, I still find myself spending the rest of the hours, thinking about how to come up with a solution to the problems I was trying to fix. So I would say that, only the time that I am deep sound asleep, am I not doing anything towards working, that is if I get to even fall asleep.

So, is it true that we get consumed by the things we do, and in that case, which is the best way to actually run away from the whole process. All these innovative ideas, seem to be so fun and easily achievable before we actually try them out, and until you try to implement any of it, does the reality checks in, and now it all seems like too much responsibility. Have you ever been in such a situation?

Our lives these days, speaking for myself, at this age, I find myself worrying about my future and questioning whether I am doing the right things right now. And I wonder what my future has in store for me, and I also wonder whether the things I currently do would be of a major contribution towards the things I actually end up doing in the future, obviously my experiences will go such a long way, and will impact my decision making, but I am I on the right path? Do you ever get the feeling that you are in the right path?

The Future Tremors

And of-course there are other types of worries that comes with this, where you find yourself, worrying and or rather tending to care so much about what others think of you, you know you tend to care so much about what others think of the things you do, mostly you’d find yourself worrying about what your family thinks of you, and you kind of try to do things to please them, to prove to them that you matter. Personally I think that, the only person you should worry about how, he or she feels about you is, YOU.

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I am a victim of this, and I have been trying to practice this, where I try not to care so much about what others, and even my family think of me and the things I do, because I have come to realize that, if everything were to stop right now, it would just be up to me to handle the situation.

They say love is for the loving, and without love, maybe nothing is real. So am I loveless, or do I just love less?

Family & Friends

It goes without saying that, our families play such an important role in our lives and of-course, they do genuinely care about our well being and they want nothing for us but success and happiness. And we do also have some very great, supportive and important friends in our lives, and these are the people we should always strive to put close to us, ’cause they are the people who will always be there for us, both on our lows and our highs.

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The ability to be in position, or even get the time to evaluate things, is such an important element in our lives, that moment where you actually get to stop, seat back and look at everything from a far and you try to evaluate things like “what’s actually going on?”. So I think to a very large degree, we as human beings, of-course we have our faults and weakest points, we all do, and the primary role is, WHO in your life right now as you are you reading this, is VERY IMPORTANT, even if it goes beyond who, WHAT in your life is important? I mean what in your life, keeps you awake, if anything at all.

One thing I have noticed is that we always tend to be so happy at the faces of others, like when we get out of the house, our rooms and get to interact with others, say our friends, family or our mates, we tend to seem so happy. If per se, any of us, or any of you, even if it’s you reading this, never get to experience any sort of breakdowns, I mean that’s a good thing, really. But the truth is, it will come by at some point, and when it gets here, how would you deal with it

They say fear is for the brave, for cowards, never stare you in the eyes. So am I fearless to be fearful. Does it take courage to learn how to cry?

This post is more of, directed towards helping ignite these thoughts, and helping us realize that these feelings are REAL and we need to confront them. But most importantly, realize that we aren’t alone on this. There are many others having these feelings. You may not find a direct solution to this, and I tried not put up a direct solution as I believe that these solutions are highly self-dependent. And by giving you these questions to evaluate on, I believe it would help you come up with a better solution that suits your case.

So when I feel like it’s gone too far, I lie on my back and stare up at the stars, wondering whether they are staring back at me

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