It’s more important than ever for authors, students and organizations publishing content to find tools that make their workflow efficient and cost effective. It’s within this context that we have put in place Typography Book Publisher, a collaborative writing and publishing software for professional authors. This post offers an easy way for current and prospective authors to see what Typography Book Publisher can offer.

1) Single source publishing

Creating content for multiple platforms and formats can be complex. With Typography Book Publisher, you only have to create your content once. At the click of a button, the formatting will adapt to multiple outputs while also maintaining the integrity of your design needs. You can create content for print publishing and then adapt it for a website, screen PDF, e-book, etc., without  having to redesign formats for each of these outputs. This feature saves lots of time, facilitates workflow efficiency and enables users to get more value out of the content they create.

2) Quick revisions of existing books/editions

Picture this: you’ve written a tech guide book and you wake up the following morning, just to realize that everything you described on your book has just expired. Would you still recommend that drone? You walk to your work-desk, have your laptop and Typography Book Publisher open to revise your content quickly and easily. Updating your text won’t affect your formatting or cause any other necessary adjustments. Simply make your changes and your updated book will be ready for export into your desired format.

3) Design options

Typography Book Publisher offers several design layout options that you can preview with your content. Once selected, this design will be adapted for consistency among all of your content outputs – from publishing for print to a web browser, for example. If custom designs are needed, this can also be customized in your version of Typography Book Publisher by our developers.

Book design options on Typography Book Publisher

4) No new infrastructure or software needed

To use Typography Book Publisher, all you have to do is sign up and register your account and you’re ready to begin. Typography Book Publisher works right out of the browser, so you don’t have to download any additional software or configure it to your computer. It’s designed for quick setup, intuitive use and efficient workflow.

5) Multiple output formats

Typography Book Publisher will export your book in any of the following formats: print PDF, screen PDF, EPUB (for e-books), MOBI (for MobiPocket and Kindle Readers), XHTML (for websites and mobile) and when your content is in the editing stage, you can output a format that’s proofreader friendly. Typography Book Publisher provides the option of outputting to all these formats at once or selecting a single output format. You can also modify the settings for each output.

Multiple output formats

6) Import existing content without a fuss

If you have existing content in Microsoft Word (.docx) or e-book formats (EPUB2/EPUB3) you’ll be glad to know that you can import this content right into Typography Book Publisher and continue working from there. This means that your existing content can easily be converted into the above-mentioned formats once you’re happy with your edits in the software.

7) Collaboration

Last but certainly not least, Typography Book Publisher enables a clean and powerful environment for collaborative content creation. Users can invite people to contribute to content, edit, comment or just read their books in Typography Book Publisher Online Library. The document is updated in real-time so there won’t be any issues with content versions overlapping if multiple people are contributing or editing your book, for example.

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