In the moments of my murkiest doubts, her love shows me the way. In the moments of my inmost fear, her love restores my faith. When my silly heart leads me astray, her love chastens me without fail. When the tempest is fierce and I am frail, her love leads me home. Here is a glimpse to the greatest love story of my life.

It had been over a year since I last saw her. I could not wait any longer. I had to see her. Of course we often talked on the phone, but only careless affection could claim that to be enough. Her memories had become fonder; my heart ached for the calm assurance of her presence. I could not wait any longer. I had to see her. The upcoming public lecture by the distinguished mathematician S.M. Uppal, was of no importance. The project on Stock Market prediction program, its successful completion holding possible opportunity to work at Nairobi Stock Exchange, held little significance. She was the only one on my mind. I had to see her. I had to go home.

And in the instance, when my soul craved the most to be wrapped in her embrace, without question, without hesitation, I dropped everything and headed to town to board the country bus bound for home. Travelling at night tops my dread list, but in the matter fear had no say. Every possibility of things going wrong during the night travel I regarded as absurdities; the driver giving in to the consistent urge to close the eyelids, one of the passengers turning out to be an occult member on quest for blood sacrifice, passing Salgaa spot where the ghost of an old grandma is believed to cause accidents even at daytime. I considered them illogicalities. At 10 pm, Easy Coach bus heading to Oyugis arrived, with sure steps I went on board.

Perhaps he sensed the great urgency in my excited heart, for the stout old man who was to be our driver for the journey did not tarry a second longer once all the passengers were set. From seat 1B where I had strapped myself in, sharing the windscreen with the driver, I studied him. He seemed confidently familiar with his duties, and his homely aura expunged trails of fear that still lurked my mind. His sure hands were firm on the steering wheel as he navigates through the Nairobi night traffic. A tarnished antique watch dangling on his left wrist. He wore white sport shoes, his legs constantly on the acceleration and the break. Soon we were past the noisy confusion of the city and on the open road.

Five in the morning we had safely arrived in Oyugis. I hurriedly alighted, the chill piercing the uncovered parts of my body. I had no luggage to delay my departure. In about five hundred meters from the stage, a sweetly surprised and overjoyed heart would welcome me to her embrace. I beckoned a motorcycle guy, tersely gave the directions, and hopped on. As a formality in his line of work in the small town, the guy claimed he knew me and my linage. I simple made agreeing sounds at his back, fighting against the instinct to nod. Perhaps tired of proving himself, he jumped to politics. Sneaking vocabularies at the interval of two common words. My agreeing sounds become louder, I ceased from fighting the urge to nod.

The sight of the purple gate elated my spirits higher. I was home, at last. I hastily paid the fare and then opened the gate. Detailed familiarity of the compound’s layout, the calm ambience of the trees in the stillness of dawn and the memories of simple happy moments floating in the air welcomed me. The burdening hustles of city life lifted and my restless heart calmed. I stood at the gate for seconds, taking deep breaths. I was home, at last. I made my way to the main house front door and knocked. No response.

Only the sitting room had its lights on. I gauged she would be in the kitchen preparing for work. I went to the back door. The kitchen lights were on. I peered through the door pane, she was watching something which was cooking on the gas. I took deep breaths as I open the door. Love, in its purest form. Love, in its most genuine expression. Love radiated from the curve of her smile, filled the room, and pulled me into her embrace. Everything we have ever wanted to say to each other were communed in the moment. Profoundly.

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