So you want me to tell you about myself? Well, even if I did would you believe me? Everybody does real good "PR" about themselves so am no exception to biases but then am gonna be an open book and let you be the judge, only that please keep the rulings to yourself!

Could I begin from the topic? Yes? Okay let's get along.

Over the past six months I have been engaged in internship at a church organization in their projects section. Must admit it came at the right time. Depression had really taken a toll on me. There is that phase whereby graduates hustle to fit in the job industry. It isn't rosy out there for graduates. They say graduate academically and hustle like a drop out. Most depressing is when your classmates get an opening somewhere while you still languishing in the streets trying to get a bearing.

October, was one reckoning month! The month I begun my journey towards professionalism. I admit I was very naive.  This being my first internship I must say it has been very smooth, at least owing to the fact that I am not new to the profession or the church. First jobs/internships are never that much smooth. A lot of sacrifice and adjustments are made, some very hard. Luck was on my side.

556 days in. So much learned and Lessons from my experience with failure and success and that life is never linear; hardly fair and that it is difficult. It however is through the pain of confronting and resolving life’s problems that we all learn. The exposure so far very immense. I guess

"The things that hurt, instruct." - Benjamin Franklin

The problems we face call forth courage and wisdom and they are the cutting edge that distinguish between success and failure. Now, I’m not ignorant about the opportunities that have been presented to me and to a greater part, luck. My journey from whence I joined WASH project to now the Resilience Project can be attributed to that. I’m grateful for the chance to fail. Cause in that there’s growth. I’ve made huge strides when it comes to my own journey. Some things that happened were unprecedented.

Some of these opportunities blew me out of my comfort zone and I was in an instant thrown into a space where I had to quickly learn how to carry myself, how to communicate and that our greatest moments of growth arise from moments of discomfort has never been truer.

To living everyday as if it were my last and being relentless in pursuit of what sets my heart on fire. You win some, you lose most. I’ve come to appreciate the value of the present and the unspoken importance of the relationships we have.