I love to watch people, the things they do. The surety in their uncertain actions. The constancy of their inconsistent mannerism. I enjoy watching the dramas. The facades. The discrepancy between words and actions. When I am in the streets, all I do is watch. The hesitant pedestrian. The cocky tout. The indifferent driver. And in events when I feel alone, I entertain myself by observing. The elegant lady. The pathetic dude. I like to think of myself as one who harbors no hate for anyone, except for the below five irritating behaviors.


At the onset, let me set the records straight. In no way do I expect you to know everything there is to be known. The fascinating city of Athens in Greece where the ancient and future meet, and within whose walls human civilization was born. The stories of relentless scientist who believe that humanity can still push their frontier into the galaxies. The documentaries of the great minds that ever walked our planet; the inventors who redefined the bounds of possibilities, the philosophers who grappled with questions of morality and ethics, the civil right activist, who, up to the point of death still believed in the dignity of mankind.

No. Knowing these things is not the point. Although you should. For god’s sake, we are in the twenty first century. Google is literally at the tips of our hands. Someone who has no idea about the basic important issues of life, the things he or she ought to know, is repulsing. You hear a grown man say with pride, ‘I don’t know how to cook, wash the clothes. I will marry.’ More repulsing is someone who seems to be out of touch with the basic logics. If a friend lends you money, whether out of abundance or caring heart, pay back within time! But the must disgusting form of ignorance is the defense of ignorance.

Toxic Masculinity & Feminism.

These days I avoid gender centered discussions because most are grounded on ignorance. The female’s participants desire to dominate, for they feel they have been trampled upon for a long time, and the males desire to play the king always, for they feel they have the god given right to be on top. I cannot ignore the history of female oppression. I personally feel ashamed of how unfair the male gender regarded women back then, bitter to admit, even now. I do not question females demand for equality. Nobody should. And the discussion ought to be maintained at that; equality. Knowing that males and females are two halves that complete each other, and not only in marriage. I find male chauvinist out rightly disgusting and toxic feminists irritating.


I am human too. And I know you also have a list, written or unwritten, of irritating habits which some of my behaviors top. Maybe you have talked to me about them, maybe not. But you feel it is time we go our separate ways. Here is a tip to make it quick. Show me your pride, just for a moment let me deal with your ego. Courtesy and chivalry are the top traits I consider strongly. I am not human until I realize and accept that you are human, and you deserve to be treated with respect and understanding. The convectional need to appear ‘savage’ and inhuman is greatly off putting. I love the decent, understanding human beings.

Sense of Entitlement.

The humans who at their every turn, believe the world should spin around them never makes it to the books of my decent people. The pathetic attention seeker, the egocentrics. I never cut them off. I let them be, because from them I learn a lot. Personally, I understand them for I was once at their level. It is import to understand that love grows from within, and happiness too springs from within. It is important that we know ourselves, and always continue the journey of self-discovery. Now, these wise words I tell them sometimes. Because I am the one who needs them the most.

Lovers of Trap Music.

Nothing personal, but these people are the last in my list of acquaintances. Is this discrimination? If so, I would gladly commit the crime again and again. They will try and convince me that trap music is akin to spoken word, but I stick with the definition of Trevor Noah, ‘The music sounds like a kid crying and inaudibly complaining to his or her mama.’ I do not hate these people, I am not irritated with them. I am a little judgmental of them, that’s all. Ops, I have my flaws too.


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