I am a staunch christian with deep roots in The Salvation Army, am not religious as as such but I think it's safe to say am morally upright. As my boss Philip says, "there is a thin line between religion and morality. I choose to be moral." Not to say that am swayed by his "harsh" critique of the Christianity narrative.

If you’re a church-goer like me, Sundays are for Church. Whether you go to Church because you are a believer or just because it’s a routine or you are habituated like any other part time christian… Church is a place where you can sit, listen and digest the Word. Yes, listen to the priest and the readings but sometimes, I get lost in thought in Church and it certainly feels perfect because it feels like I am letting all my thoughts out with not only myself but with God.

Depending on which part of the world you are in, The Salvation Army is known for many causes towards humanity. That can be spiritual nourishment or humanitarian works but the latter is common globally.

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One thing I associate myself with my church is music. There is band, gospel dance, free worship sessions, music schools and crusades..a major component for the youth in the church system.

"Teenagers who do not go to church are adored by God, but they don't get to meet some of the people who love God back." - Anne Lamott

Here is a snapshot of my Sunday, (10/30/2019) :

Morning: As usual I woke up late. It's like my Sunday alarms are set to remind me I still have an hour to go because however much it rings at 8 am I always get out of bed at 9 am. Sometimes I get so tired after sleeping that I go back to sleep again to take some rest. Then comes one of my favorites during all Sundays -breakfast. I always look forward to Sunday breakfast, for some reason my parents treat it very seriously..I don't know why, neither do I want to know as long as the menu is always available and unchanged.

Church service: Well, there is nothing much I can say about the service. I found it boring. My main activity (choir) seemed a big mess and am not a fan of “spirit-filled” sermons so the service was very blunt to me. There is some element about African priests that has never resonated well with me: whooping. Whooping is a celebratory style of black preaching that pastors typically use to close a sermon, it's that moment the sermon transitions into song. Whooping pastors use chanting, melody and call-and-response preaching to reach congregation in a place where normal preaching cannot penetrate. They give congregation the "meat" of the message: scriptural references, archaeological asides, modern application -- all the fancy stuff they’ve learned in seminary. What's so hard about a preacher screaming and sweating in the pulpit?

“..the best whoopers use their voices like instruments. They're following rules of rhythm, tone and melody. All good whoopers have some "music" in their throat.” Simmons, editor "Preaching with Sacred Fire".

Choir practice: Probably one of the things I look forward to all Sundays. Though some are super boring especially African tunes-folk songs. By the way, I slept during the practice!! Let's just say I was relaxing before the London derby, Arsenal FC vs Manchester United!!

Inset: Brian Luyali, Lead Tenor Vocalist.

Evening: very characteristic of  the much hyped 10th March, 2019 football (EPL) calendar was the London Derby. Arsenal FC is my second religion. The atmosphere was tense in the sitting room just before the start of the match. Quarter-way into the match, it was quite evident who would win the match...booom!!we were one goal up before the stroke of half time! All my contacts from the opposing team had to put up with my noisy, messy statuses after them, particularly my cousin Josh. I couldn't contain myself when we got the second goal from the penalty spot courtesy of the reckless amateur Fred. What a perfect way to end my Sunday! I wish all Sundays we played against Manchester United!

Damn, Sunday was over, just like that! There's nothing hard like transitioning from Sunday to Monday.

That was my crazy Sunday. How about yours? Hit the comment button below. Let's keep the conversation going!

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