If when you reach for her lips, and it is not hers you are reaching for but another lady’s, let her go. If when she locks you in her affectionate embrace, and your nose notices the difference in her cologne from the other lady’s, let her go. Let her know, the second you think it would be better your bed remain cold and empty. Let her know that your heart is no longer hers to cherish. That you find her smile less exciting. That the stars were in your mind, not in her eyes. Let her know that you want to let her go. It may be painful. Talk to her in person, the way you did when you were still infatuated with her. Tell her you want to set her free. Just don’t pretend you still love her, when it is not her you truly love.

She deserves the truth. Now that you consider breaking the vows of loyalty you once swore to her. This last time, give her your honesty; That the adventures you promised her ends here. That the eternity you promised her ends now. Verbally make it known to her too, that she has ceased to be your one and only. Before the happiness that only the other lady can give you starts to haunt her. And she spends endless hours worrying, questioning, doubting, crying. And she spends endless hours in front of the mirror, hating herself, feeling not enough, comparing herself with the lady you worship in your WhatsApp statuses. If when the fire which once was in your heart has deemed, don’t torture her with the ray of diminishing hope.

Perhaps she saw it coming, but ignored the signs. She is still madly in love with you. Perhaps she saw it coming, but she is not yet ready to give up on you. She still believes in the charmer who made her fall hard in love. And at night she stares at her phone waiting for you to reply to her, ‘have you taken lunch?’ text. The anxiousness burdening her spirit. At every notification sound, with a restless heart she races to the phone. But you never reply. Unwilling to swallow the bitter pill, she scrolls through the old chats. She smiles at the cute funny messages you used to send. She giggles at the wit of your vibes. She chortles at your failed attempts woo her. Nostalgia weighing on her, she swallows hard and send, ‘how was your day?’ But you never reply. Damn it, just don’t pretend you still love her when it is not her you truly love.

The hesitation to let her go is evidence that deep down you know her love is unmatched; her loyalty is unquestionable. The reluctance to let her know where your heart belong is evidence that your gut is right; you will never find another like her. But out of boredom, your loins burn for another. But out of monotony, your lips want to brush another’s lips. Out of curiosity, your thigh wants to grope another’s thigh. If you want to chase the thrills, let her know. If you are ready to lose her, let her go. On the matters of someone’s heart, never stand on the fence. State your case, and state it clear. Don’t pretend to love her when it is not her you truly love. Let her go.


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