At this point in human history, like never before, ego-centrism and jealousy dictate our every form of relation. We content with those who accommodate our pride, and keep company of them who stroke our ego. Everyone wants to feel ‘nice’, regardless of the cause. Everyone wants a ‘good time’, regardless of how short it will last. We crave pleasure, believing it to be happiness. We crave excitement, believing it to be joy. Our decisions are based on emotions and appetite. Why do we loathe logics this bad? Never before, as the word ‘I’ been in such a frenzy usage as in our time. It is therefore no surprise that these two people make the list of my favorite persons.

I have been staring at the blank screen for more than a half an hour, trying to figure out the best arrangement of words to describe my two favorite persons when the phone rings. Jenny, who was reading something on her phone looks up as I receive the call. On the other end is Pato.

“Hello. Good afternoon. How are you?” Characteristic of him, he maintains fluent and decent grammar.

“Hello. Good afternoon. I am fine, thank you. How are you?” I feign official tone. He chortles and decides to play along.

“I am fine. In reference to your global positioning, where are you at?”

“Coordinates 45o, 23o.”

“I will be over in a few.”

In less than five minutes he was already at my door. Due to some personal issues on his side, the squad had not been together for a long time. So, when Jenny and I saw him at the door, the excitements soared. The conversation that ensued was haphazardly hyped. The discussions ranged from the bizarre ancient Gothic cathedral with an entrance shaped like a vagina to our short comings in life, then it was about the requirements for interviews, then it was about matters of faith and religion. In between was filled with belly tightening laughter and teasing, as we catch up on each other. Pato and I latter played chess, while Jenny…, I can’t recall what she was doing. Dancehall music played on the background

Jenny and Pato. These are my favorite persons. They top my list of decent people. In my two decades of being around, outside my family members, they are one of the few I can say are truly others-centered. They have innately pure hearts. What’s more attractive if not effortless kindness? Kindness with no strings attached. With them by my side I have safely walked on the edge of darkness. They have taught me how to be more considerate of others. In several instances, Pato has redirected my paths to some opportunities I never thought I was worthy of, celebrating and encouraging me all the way. When my silly heart leads me astray, he reprimands me. He is the best buddy.

Jenny is a beauty in ways everyone is not. Her smile radiates warmth and care. Even in the darkest of the hour, when it is clear the odds are not in our favor, she will whisper hope to our despairing hearts. I have survived most of my worst days because of her faith in me. In the many nights when I was on the edge of giving into insanity, she collected me in her arms. She is calm and collected. Never the survivor but the warrior.

I am able to afford most of my favorite reads because of her grace. I would be in the streets, without any plans to buy a book. Then on the makeshift book-stand I see, Veronica Decides by Coelho Paulo. Without hesitation I would flash all my money, with an abiding faith that when I call her for fare back to my place she will understand. She always understands. I can’t imagine anyone as beautiful as her. From the moment of our first encounter, I simply knew the cosmos had a grand friendship in store for us. She’s the best of friends I would ever ask for.

Even though the deadline for this piece was looming, when Pato suggested we go for ice-cream at the end of our chess game, without hesitation I obliged. Jenny and Pato are food buddies. No, not that I am the least of appetite. On the contrary, I am the guy they strive to emulate. Unfortunately, most times my schedules do not allow me to join them, and they’d always make the most out of my absence, only to feed me stories latter. I have been to the ice-cream joint once, when Jenny literally dragged me there. And to her promise, the experience was worth. In the calmness of the evening, as the gang was leaving the house for ice-cream, Pato announces he’ll be traveling home tomorrow. Till September.


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