In the two decades of existence on earth, I have been in three relationships. Each unique, adventurous and with an amicable ending. In my first relation, I was irrationally madly in love. In my second relation, the lady was. My heart has been broken, and I have broken a heart. I have been lucky to be in love once, with a magnificently amazing lady. She loved me, and I loved her. Unfortunately, we couldn’t ignore the fact that our energies and passions were out of sync. Perhaps in another lifetime the cosmos will bring our paths together again. Perhaps.

Between these lines I am not going to lie. Well cared chocolate skin and well-done manicure and pedicure gets my attention. Curvy figure in a knee-height sleeveless dress warms my blood. Nothing needs to be large, I prefer Bs of medium sizes. Well, except for the brain. You can do whatever you want with your hair, as long as you’re confident in it. I prefer the height that gives my lips full access to your forehead, while permitting those tight ‘I missed you’ or ‘I want you' hugs to perfectly fit. Although if you pass the below list, I’ll have to compromise and try to be cool with you hugging my tummy.


This is my number one. I cross my heart, nothing can replace it. The description above will get me to probably initiate the contact, but won’t keep me interested even for two seconds after it’s clear that your idea of a conversation is limited to ‘Mmmhhs’ and ‘that is nice’. You know what I find sexy? The lady who knows that a guy can be genuinely interested in just having a conversation. The one who don’t construe courtesy as flirtation. She will say whatever’s in her mind and never hesitate to point out the other party’s illogicality. Conversations provides the platform to know which books she’s reading. Whether she’s in touch with basic logics. Darling, nobody should start their marriage on a loan!


If I will be the only thing that makes your heart skip a beat, then our story is already over before we say our first hello. I am sorry love, it cannot work out for us. I am attracted to someone who knows what it truly means to toe the thin line between sanity and madness. A lady who knows the thrill of being on the verge of losing everything while in the process of creating a masterpiece. She has visited the places of defeat, she has tasted the bitterness of despair, but still she has the grace to face the blank screen at 3 am. The cursor blinking. I am attracted to she who has spark of madness in her eyes. Hey, don’t beat yourself up, it is not like we run in the same circles!

Elegant & Assertive.

These two are one package to me. It is either, assertively elegant or elegantly assertive. In my fantasies, one cannot exist without the other. The number of sentences starting with, ‘I don’t know…’ you use while describing an aspect of you is more than my fingers and toe nails combined! Oh, love! We have come this far, but we have to go our separate ways now. And, darling, you don’t have to work in fashion to be elegant in your dress, and in how you carry yourself. Know yourself, and what works for you. A cool collection of shoes goes a little way to warm my heart, a cool collection of books goes a long way to arouse my mind and seduce my soul.

Yep, above are my non-negotiables. Let’s close with the added advantages. Riding the horse. And the definite article in it is no mistake. Spontaneous laughter, a friend describes it as ‘laughter from the bit of the stomach’. A warm smile. And I can’t stress this enough, good taste in music. Preferable old skull pop, and country music. The rest we can see where to compromise.


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