Single and free. Perhaps this is my consolation phrase. The single part is as complicated as it can be, for a moment I considered titling this piece; complicated and free. If you have been following the daily stories, then you know there is Stella* in my life. The tragedy in our story is our fear of wrecking the friendship should we follow our hearts.

Love is beautiful. When you find one that completes you, you will count yourself the most blessed. Love that fits; no hesitations, no hurry. All the unfolding follows the flow of the cosmos. You don’t force, you don’t beg. It is the love that maintains the harmony between the mind and the heart. With this love around, your worries are lifted, your sorrows are shared. With this love around, you can be your worst of forms and still have the inspiration to strive for the best of you. Whichever your version of love, whether it be the one that inspires and challenge, or the adventurous and the thriller type, or for dreamers like us; love that squeezes the universe into our hearts and makes us feel everything in an instance, at one point in your life it will arrive.

Perhaps it will stay a lifetime. Perhaps it will leave the very next day. Regardless, its purpose shall have been accomplished. Some loves have passed by me in the past and they were not exactly what I want. Actually, some had the form of the love I desired but lacked the substance of it, some I was desperate for.

While I am still waiting on my kind of love, in the present I am promised to nobody. And every moment is the most beautiful time of my life. I have time to give myself the full attention I require to grow and discover me. I can socialize freely, talk to whoever I want, without making her feeling left out. And the best part is, I can go to functions and events on my time. Say 8:30ish? Pap! It will be 8:30 on the minute, not 9:30 because she said she is almost ready by 8:00 but by 9:00 she is still undecided whether maroon matches with purple.


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