In our world today, we no longer commit sin, we only ‘make mistakes’. We no longer fornicate, we only ‘see each other’. When we dress indecently, its ceases to be immoral, it’s only that we are ‘comfortable in our skins’. If a ‘rich’ person does something wrong, we have no moral authority to correct them, because we were not there when they were poor. When a poor person does something wrong, we ignore them because they are inconsequential and primitive. Today when a wife cheats on her husband (adultery),  it is okay because even ‘husbands’ cheat; it’s women being equal to men. When a husband cheats (adultery), again, it is okay because ‘every husband’ cheats. One time, it was fashionable to be clothed and primitive to be naked; today it is primitive to be clothed and ‘fashionable’ to be naked. Today, it’s so hard to say the truth, yet we know it. Speaking the truth is now only left for drunkards or philosophers. What a life!

If you correct someone today, you are asked, ‘on which moral ground(s) are you standing?’ It is funny how validation is our top priority, to a point that we are depressed without it. That if you married and you are not happy-WALK OUT. Our definition of happy? We are not certain.... It is interesting how we have a tendency to water down the real meaning(s) of things, in a bid to justify and console ourselves to keep doing them. We see wrong but don’t talk about it, because apparently, its individual choice. When we correct or mention something that is wrong, we are accused of ‘judging others’. It doesn’t ‘pay’ to live right but isn’t doing right payment in itself?  

I once wrote that our world is slowly sliding into an animal kingdom, I still stand by those ideas. Today, I feel more concerned that no one (even those with eyesight and insight), don’t seem to see this as a problem. So much is happening to our society, but we all seem silent, defensive or indifferent about it. I recently saw a discussion where people were divided whether a local ‘celebrity’ did something wrong by presenting herself almost naked, and with legs wide apart during a performance. This incident, even though in itself worthy of depressing-wouldn’t depress you. What would depress you most are the divisions in the views of others on the same. Because we are so convinced human beings have nothing to ‘hide’-like animals, those who expose their bodies more, somehow are now our heroes. Because, that’s how ‘they pay their bills’ and we want to be as ‘successful’ as them.  

In doing all these, we justify our actions by the view that everyone is free and ‘this freedom’ is what we have fought for since time immemorial. We don’t realize that freedom is in itself, a limitation. Let’s say, we are all free to kill anyone, anytime, how would that turn out? That we are free to do ‘anything’ we want…We can never be free to do anything that we want, because the basis of our want is sometimes skewed and misleading. That fact, therefore, brings the aspect of responsibility and reason. The very fact that we embrace our freedom, should make us aware that it comes as a package. Let me explain. We only get hungry because there is food. We only want to be loved, because there is love. We only have eyes because there is sight. Now, with understanding that anything free is in itself a limitation, we should be persuaded to consider responsibility as part of the package. Why then do we extrapolate the reasoning that we are free to do what we want without any considerations of responsibility?

When Jesus went to the temple on the Sabbath and found people selling, he outrightly understood that they were free to sell, but not in the temple. The action had to be taken with speed. Somehow, our conscience is always in guard to point out what is wrong. When a young misguided lady dresses skimpily, leaving 90% of the body for display, there is always a tendency to ask, ‘Am I smart? Am I slaying?’ These questions, she asks trying to reach out to someone to help her silence the voice of her conscience. Deep down, she knows this is not right, but she just wants to hear a few words of, ‘you are slaaaaaaaaaaying’ to keep her conscience silence. And which friends do we have? Those who no longer fornicate, but only ‘see each other’, so we get the answer we are looking for, ‘…you are slaaaying’ and there we are, displaying everything that mama gave us everywhere we go. Can we be lucky to get any guidance or directions out there? No, people can’t correct us because they don’t want to ‘judge us’ because ‘they don’t know what we are going through’. Never mind, our conscience is telling us this is wrong. We justify sometimes, by saying that others (in the West) do it, so we are left behind if we don’t. What is wrong is wrong, independently so. Do you see how this is a vicious circle of mind poverty?

‘ Life is useless,…’ Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes Chapter 1,  ‘…everything leads to weariness-weariness too great for our words. Our eyes can never see enough to be satisfied; our ears can never hear enough..’ Sooner or later, we realize that the things we cherished so much, the things we thought were the absolute means to enjoy life, soon start disgusting us. And we keep chasing where our freedom leads us. So what do we do? We stop having sex ‘normally’ and descend on anal sex. That doesn’t seem to satisfy us much. We try oral sex. Again that doesn’t seem to interest us enough. We walk naked, no one notices. We get depressed and die holding to ‘heroic’ words , ‘they will miss me when I am gone’. When we are gone, we are forgotten- no one misses us. We get even more depressed in death. Vanity feeds on vanity. When we do something bad, we think of something worse and slowly, we slide into the animal kingdom. We lose our humanity.

We don’t have absolute freedom in this life. Our freedom is only subject to our nature and the author of the universe (God). We are in this world and we are only better off when we play by its rules. Such rules have to be learned. But the rules and the game must be directed towards our ultimate goal (God). Anything short of this, as Solomon says, is useless.

Even though you might deny this fact, and want to reason out, sooner or later, you will realize that there was some truth in this. Unfortunately, I won’t hear from you because you will fear being ‘judged’.

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