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What's Next After University?

Sometimes, the funny thing about being a students is, once we “advance,” the confidence and boldness typically fades. How do you feel about your experiences?...

Editor, Samson

Why a podcast?

Listen to Sam, talk about the impact of human voices in our lives. This really takes quite an interesting turn....


What Makes For A Perfect Student Lifestyle?

We did a comprehensive research on how to come up with the best student life at the University. And on this episode we share with you these tips, according to our findings on how best to try and avoid the unwanted illness and try to keep you fit throughout your time as a student at the University....


Do We Get Consumed By The Projects We Embark On?

The ability to be in position, or even get the time to evaluate things, is such an important element in our lives, that moment where you actually get to stop, seat back and look at everything from a far and you try to evaluate things like "what's actually going on?"....