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Peace of Mind.

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it....

Kiprop Haggai
. 2 min read

Glimpse of Love.

In the moments of my murkiest doubts, her love shows me the way. In the moments of my inmost fear, her love restores my faith. When my silly heart leads me astray, her love chastens me without fail....

Dismas Okombo
. 3 min read


I stood outside the club and, for the first time, submitted myself to the judge of my conscious. My intuition decreed I should go back and take the deal, but I did what I have always done; desire....

Dismas Okombo
. 5 min read


Somethings in life I can’t put a price on; family, true friends, adventures and great books. My birthday plans might have gone to the gutters but, knowing that The Alchemist is in my backpack as I walk away lifts off all the disappointments....

Dismas Okombo
. 4 min read


Silence haunted the house. She didn’t back down. Her dad had stood from the seat, looked at Stella. He waited. Maybe for an apology? None was offered. He walked away and that was the last time they ever heard from him....

Dismas Okombo
. 3 min read

What has become of Project Lyoneer

I think better education depends on how well teachers, students and parents are able to connect with one another — this is why Lyoneer is being built....

Samson, Editor
. 5 min read