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Why it is important to think of yourself as a creative

As a 5 years old, the first time I ever got exposed to the Swedish culture, there was one thing that really got me sold, the art of enabling one's creativity and giving them the power and opportunity to innovate at a very early age....

. 6 min read

Should Organizations Choose Medium Or Ghost?

Medium is undoubtedly the simpler of the two platforms to set up, but it's also the most limited. What you see is what you get, and what you get isn't all that much....

. 8 min read

Why a podcast?

Listen to Sam, talk about the impact of human voices in our lives. This really takes quite an interesting turn....

. 1 min read

What has become of Project Lyoneer

I think better education depends on how well teachers, students and parents are able to connect with one another — this is why Lyoneer is being built....

Samson, Editor
. 5 min read

Features Authors Love In Typography Book Publisher.

Creating content for multiple platforms and formats can be complex. With Typography Book Publisher, you only have to create your content once. At the click of a button, the formatting will adapt to multiple outputs while also maintaining the integrity of your design needs....

. 3 min read