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Why a podcast?

Listen to Sam, talk about the impact of human voices in our lives. This really takes quite an interesting turn....


New Year's Resolution.

Why not break the record this year? Try a new resolution. Do something fun, creative, interesting! Here is to all the New Year resolutions, cheers!...

Kiprop Haggai

Do We Get Consumed By The Projects We Embark On?

The ability to be in position, or even get the time to evaluate things, is such an important element in our lives, that moment where you actually get to stop, seat back and look at everything from a far and you try to evaluate things like "what's actually going on?"....


Getting Lost Within Maybe

Yes, maybe one day I’ll be smarter, and maybe one day we’ll all be smart enough to recognize the fact that climate change is real. Maybe one day I’ll understand why we don’t take climate change as a real thing affecting all of us....

Editor, Bridget Hamilton